Fees, Charges & Levies

Increment in fees, charges and levies.

All fees, charges and levies increase by 5% from 1st January 2022 as per applicable regulations. Please check your new fees in the tables below.

    1. All fees prescribed under these Regulations shall increase by 5% per annum, and each increased fee shall be deemed to be imposed under these Regulations from the 1st January each year after the commencement of these Regulations.
    2. When dues are increased in accordance with sub-regulation (1), the Director may publish a list of revised dues to be displayed at the offices of the Administration and to be otherwise notified and circulated as the Director determines.

Maritime Fees, Charges & Levies for 2022

Description Fees & Charges (SBD$)
General Application fee for any application under the Act or Regulations (if no other fee is prescribed)$682.50

Shipping (Registration) Regulations 2010

Shipping (STCW Convention) Regulations 2010

Shipping (Pilotage Certification) Regulations 2010

Maritime Safety Administration (Ship and Port Security) Regulations 2011

Maritime Safety Administration (Research Vessels) Regulations 2010

Shipping (Marine Navigation Aids) Regulations 2010