Seafarer Certification

SIMA has the responsibility to issue and revalidate Certificate of Competency of all seafarers who have been trained in Solomon Islands at the Maritime Academy hosted by the Solomon Islands National University (SINU).

The entry level is a training and familiarisation with basics of safety on board vessels and a Basic Safety Certificate.

To work on board a vessel in Solomon Islands or overseas, it is mandatory for the seafarer to hold:

  • a Seafarer Employment Record Book (SERB),
  • a Basic Safety Certificate, and
  • a Certificate of Competency (CoC) for the function occupied on board (deck or engine department from Captain to Rating).

The vessel holds a Safe Manning Certificate listing the number of crew members and their qualification to ensure the safety of the vessel, passengers and cargo at all times.

A crew list must be signed by the Captain and deposited at the office of SIMA before each voyage to confirm that the crew complies with the vessel’s Safe Manning Certificate and they holds the required qualifications.

Each crew member must have signed an employment agreement with the Vessel Owner or Operators approved by SIMA. For more information and guidance, the Guidelines on the employment of seafarers must be consulted before signing of a Seafarer Employment Agreement (SEA) between a ship owner or operator (employer) and a qualified seafarer (employee).

From 1 July, SIMA has started implementation of the SEA on all domestic ships. Please consult the process of SEA implementation and contact SIMA at or visit SIMA’s headquarters in Honiara.

For further information, please contact the Shipping Operation team at