Vessel Special Inspections (departure and arrival)

SIMA Vessel Inspection teams carry out special inspections on board domestic vessels departing or arriving in ports of Solomon Islands to ensure safety requirements are fulfilled, specifically in relation to the qualification of the crew members, the number of passengers, the loading of cargo and the carriage of dangerous goods.

SIMA Vessel Inspectors are on board for your safety. Please do not interfere with their work and do not board a vessel that is already at full capacity. You put at risk your life and those travelling with you.

A declaration is completed and signed by the captain or the person in charge of the vessel in presence of a Vessel Inspector and include:

  • Passenger Information
  • Cargo information
  • Crew members’ identity and qualification
  • Valid Vessel Safety Certificate
  • Valid Safe Manning Certificate
  • Verifications made on bridge equipment, fire fighting appliances, lifesaving appliances, fire and bilge systems, etc.

In some cases, a vessel not compliant to safety requirements will be detained and will not be authorised to leave until deficiencies have been rectified and verified by a SIMA Vessel Inspector.