Women in Maritime Leadership, 19 October 2022, Honiara

Purpose & Objective

The purpose of the event was to initiate Solomon Islands Maritime Authority (SIMA)’s Community Engagement programme by integrating two (2) events: a talk about Women in Maritime Leadership and the official signing ceremony of the MOU between the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) & SIMA.

The conjunction of the two was to have one event with the theme “together breaking barriers” to provide an awareness session for women engaged in the maritime sector as well as to witness the MOU signing ceremony.

The objectives of the event were:

  1. Women in Maritime Leadership to allow for women in the sector to learn from the experiences of women leaders who are at the top of their sector (Health, Shipping & Sports) to empower participants to develop as role models.
  2. MOU Signing to mark the commitment between MHMS and SIMA to work together and mobilize resources to support the National Referral Hospital (NRH)’s Oncology Unit.

Meeting Arrangements

Dates: Wednesday 19 October 2022.

Location: Heritage Park Hotel, Honiara.

Arrangements: face-to-face meeting.


The event concluded on a high note and forward-looking outcomes:

  1. to provide support and capacity development opportunities to all women and girls, together break barriers, foster women leadership and reach gender equality in maritime by building trust and teamwork.
  2. to build on the commitments of the Solomon Islands Maritime Authority and the Ministry of Health and Medical Services and improve the early detection and treatment of breast cancer.


You can download the full report with details of discussion. For more information, please contact Ms. Nester Nalangu, Principal Officer Maritime Governance at nester.nalangu@sima.gov.sb.

Time Agenda Item                                                                   Presenters
Wednesday 19 October 2022
1000 – 1030 Registration
Master of Ceremony: Nester Nalangu
1000 – 1035 Prayer John Hugo Bugoro, SIMA Deputy Chairperson
1035 – 1040 Welcome Address Robert Bokelema, SIMA Chairperson
1040 – 1050 Session 1: Experiences in Leadership Session opening by MC
1050 – 1100 1 A leadership journey in the health sector Pauline McNeil, Permanent Secretary
1100 – 1110 2 Leading in the shipping industry Joy Ririmae, General Manager, Franjti Shipping
1110 – 1115 3 Team leadership in sport Ileen Pegi, Cpt. National Soccer Team
1115 – 1130 Interactive session
1130 – 1135 Session 2: Gender Equality in Maritime Session opening by MC
1135 – 1145 4 Solomon Islands Women in Maritime Association

Vision and goals

Shirleyter Abe, President SIWIMA
1145 – 1155 5 Solomon Islands Maritime Authority

Integrating gender in maritime administration & SIMA Community Outreach Programme

Agnes Gaote’e, Deputy Director SIMA
1155 – 1200 Signing of the MoU between SIMA and MHMS/NRH
1200 – 1205 Closing remarks Dr. George Malefoasi, CEO, NRH
1205 – 1210 Closing prayer Dr. Andrew Soma, Head Oncology Unit, NRH
1210 – 1215 Official group photo
1215 – 1300 Lunch