Third SIMA Workshop with Ship Operators, 4-5 October 2023, Honiara

Purpose & Objective

The purpose of the workshop was to continue a constructive dialogue between the Solomon Islands Maritime Authority (SIMA) and ship owners and operators and key stakeholders to discuss matters affecting the maritime industry in Solomon Islands. The workshop focussed on maritime employment, safety management and pollution prevention from domestic shipping and included the signing of the Partnership Agreement for Governance, Oversight and Advisory Services of the Solomon Islands Maritime College (SIMC) to support this year’s theme “enhancing Safety through maritime awareness and education.”

Meeting Arrangements

Dates: Wednesday 4 – Thursday 5 October 2023.

Location: Mendana Hotel, Honiara.

Proceeding & discussion points


The event was officially by the Deputy Chairperson of the board of SIMA, Mr. John Hugo Bugoro who welcomed the participants and guided them with a word of prayer. The Deputy Secretary Technical of the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, Mr. Allan Lilia, delivered the opening address and a keynote address was delivered by the Vice -Chancellor of Solomon Islands National University (SINU), Dr. Transform Aqorau, who stressed the need to envision a maritime future in technology and maritime education and training.

Signing of the Partnership Agreement for Governance, Oversight and Advisory Services of the Solomon Islands Maritime College

Mr. Thierry Nervale, Director SIMA introduced the session by presenting the purpose and objectives of the Partnership Agreement for Governance, Oversight and Advisory Services of the Solomon Islands Maritime College (SIMC) valuing the contribution from the partners to the Partnership Agreement namely the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development (MID), the Solomon Islands National University (SINU), the Solomon Island Ports Authority (SIPA), SIMA and the Solomon Islands Maritime Transport Association (SIMTA). A summary of the Partnership Agreement is contained in this brief.

Presentations and interactive sessions

First Joint Oversight Committee meeting

At its first meeting, the Joint Oversight Committee under the Partnership Agreement adopted its terms of reference and elected Director SIMA as Chair of the Committee. The Committee deliberated on various topics related to the operationalisation of the Partnership Agreement and adopted short-term priorities to issue internationally recognised rating certificates and establish a Maritime Development Fund with SIMA with contribution from maritime fees and priority on maritime training.

Seafarer employment and qualifications

Three presentations were delivered on the SIMA’s Seafarer Employment Agreement implementation plan, the status of seafarers’ qualifications and the current maritime industry needs, and the challenges faced in the maritime industry specifically in terms of seafarer’s employment and the operations of ships. The presentations were followed with an interactive session focussing on the qualifications of seafarers and the salaries for certain level of qualification that would require harmonisation among ship owners and operators.

Pollution and safety response

During this session, SIMA Officers of the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) reminding obligations of SIMA and ship owners and operators to search and rescue persons in distress at sea and the need to develop a framework for cooperation. two other presentations were delivered on SIMA’s responsibilities in responding to marine and air pollution and the need to develop pollution prevention and energy management plan on board domestic ships.

Ship safety management

The second day, a presentation was delivered on domestic ship safety management and SIMA implementation plan as well as the newly developed SIMA E-gate allowing access to integrated information related to ship registration, seafarer registration, ship certification and surveying and safe manning.

Shipping for in mining and logging industries

The final session was held focussing on shipping for mining and logging during which Director SIMA presented on various safety, manning and mismanagement issues that must be addressed through SIMTA’s membership and genuine collaboration and transparency.

Closing & Outcome

The ship owners and operators:

  • recognized the signing of Partnership Agreement for Governance, Oversight and Advisory Services of the Solomon Islands Maritime College between SIG, SINU, SIMA, SIPA and SIMTA as a key driver of maritime training and education of seafarers; and applauded the objective of overseeing the Solomon Islands Maritime College and mobilise resources for maritime training,
  • acknowledged the implementation of Seafarer Employment Agreement (SEA) in domestic shipping that assist ship operators in recruiting qualified seafarers with valid certificates meeting the requirements of the Shipping Act 1998 as amended and the Labour Act [cap 73].
  • recognized the need to ensure salaries of seafarers are affordable to ship operators and acknowledged that SIMA cannot regulate seafarer salaries but SIMTA to consider mechanism to monitor and harmonise them,
  • recognized the obligation to assist ships and persons in distress at sea and the need to have an agreement to clarify obligations and rights related to search and rescue,
  • agreed to participate in initiatives to collect data related to fuel oil consumption and consider measures on operational efficiency and shipborne technologies; and applauded shipping companies volunteering to work with SIMA in this area,
  • committed to and recognised the benefits of developing and implementing a Safety Management System (SMS) onboard their vessel(s) that integrate safety, pollution prevention and maintenance procedures,
  • recognised SIMA E-gate and the benefits to access integrated information related to international and domestic vessels, seafarers, safe manning, and safety of navigation and
  • called those involved in logging and mining industries to comply with applicable maritime laws and request SIMA to strengthen enforcement and prosecution and collaborate with ministries responsible for logging and mining.

The detailed report of the Third SIMA Workshop with Ship Operators can be found here. Any complementary information can be requested to Brenda Oeta, Principal Officer Vessel Inspection at The presentation can be downloaded in the event programme below by clicking on the hyperlinks.

Event Programme

Time Agenda Item Presenters
Wednesday 4 October 2023
0830 – 0900 Registration SIMA
MC Rachel Bare Anita Manager – Environment, Protection & Safety
0900 – 0905 Introduction and Prayer SIMA Deputy Chair
0905 – 0915 Opening address Mr. Allan Lilia

Deputy Secretary Technical, MID

0915 – 0930 Keynote address

Maritime education and training

Dr. Transform Aqorau

Vice-Chancellor SINU

0930 – 0945  Presentation

Partnership Agreement on Oversight, Governance and Advisory Services of the Solomon Islands Maritime College

Mr. Thierry Nervale

Director SIMA

0945 – 1000 Signing Ceremony

Signing of the Partnership Agreement between MID, SINU, SIMA, SIPA and SIMTA

1000 – 1030 Group Photo & Morning Tea  
PARALLEL SESSIONS – Maritime Employment, Education and Training
1030 – 1200 Joint Oversight Committee Maritime Employment

Facilitator George Tutu, Principal Officer, Vessel Inspection

First Joint Oversight Committee (JOC) Meeting

Adoption of JOC Terms of Reference

Election of a Chairperson

SIMC Development Plan review

Adoption of short-term high priorities

1 Update on SEA implementation plan SIMA
2 Status of seafarer qualifications SIMA
3 Maritime employment and vessel operations SIMTA
4 Discussion All
1200 – 1330 Lunch
 SESSION 2 – Environment Protection & Safety
MC Rachel Bare Anita Manager – Environment, Protection & Safety
1330 – 1400 5 Search and Rescue

Obligation of assistance and Mass Rescue Operations




1400 – 1430 6 Marine Pollution

Prevention of pollution from ships by oil and wastes




1430 – 1500  7 Air Pollution

Report on data collection on fuel oil consumption and operational efficiency

Championing data collection





1430 – 1500 8 Feedback session & evaluation All
1500 – 1510 9 Wrap up Deputy Director, SIMA
1510 – 1530 Afternoon Tea
Thursday 5 October 2023
0800 – 0830 Registration SIMA
SESSION 3 Ship Safety Management
MC Jonah Mitau – Shipping Operations and Safety
0830 1000 7 Ship Safety Management System (SMS)

Training and audit of SMS on board domestic ships





1000 – 1030 Morning Tea
SESSION 4 Maritime services for the logging and mining industries
MC Jonah Mitau – Shipping Operations and Safety
1100 1215 8 Supporting logging and mining industries

Issues and opportunities for shipping to develop in logging and mining industries





1215 1230 9 Event wrap up & outcomes Deputy Director, SIMA
1230 – 1300 Lunch