First SIMA Workshop for Ship Owners and Operators, 9-10 December 2021, Honiara


The purpose of the workshop was to strengthen the dialogue between the Solomon Islands Maritime Authority (SIMA) and the ship owners and operators to address some of the persistent issues in the maritime industry related to safe manning and safety and pollution prevention standards of domestic vessels.

Meeting Arrangements

Dates: 9-10 December 2021.

Location: Honiara, Honiara Hotel.

Arrangements: face-to-face workshop.


The objective of the SIMA workshop was to present regulatory standards of safe manning of domestic vessels, ship safety and equipment, and pollution prevention and response to engage a dialogue, identify challenges and propose solutions with ship owners and operators.


During the meeting, all participants recognised persistent issues that must be addressed through effective partnership and communication between SIMA, Owners, and Masters of domestic vessels.

They also recalled that the maritime industry in Solomon Islands is the lifeline between communities and called the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) to support this industry which is essential for the nation’s sustainable economic development.

As an outcome of the workshop, all participants agreed to:

  1. have all domestic vessels inspected as required and ensure safety standards and most common deficiencies related to number of passengers, loading of vessels, and essential safety equipment and systems are addressed,
  2. continue reform in vessels’ safe manning but strongly requested support to training of seafarer officers from Master and Engineer Class 3 and above,
  3. strengthen communication between SIMA and ship owners and operators, and communicate to the travelling public on safety at sea and pollution prevention,
  4. call SIG to resolve unfair competition in domestic shipping and provide support to the industry through a special tax regime,
  5. call the Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) and development partners to assist in building infrastructure to better manage passengers and cargo and make available reception facilities for vessel’s wastes, and
  6. extend its services in other provinces and during weekends and public holidays.


Presentations can be downloaded by clicking on the title of the presentation in the agenda. You can download the full report with details of discussion points. For more information please contact Ms. Nester Nalangu, Principal Officer Maritime Governance at

Please click on this link if you would like to watch the IMO Video on preventing overcrowding of ships.

Time Agenda Item                                                                   Presenters
Thursday 9 December 2021
0900 – 0930 Registration SIMA
Facilitated by Joseph Koavi, Senior Officer Marine Investigation
0930 – 0935 Introduction and Prayer SIMA
0935 – 0945 Welcome remarks SIMA Chair

Mr. Robert Bokelema

0945 – 1000 Opening remarks DS MID

Mr. Jimmy Nuake

1000 – 1030 Group Photo & Morning Tea
Facilitated by Joseph Koavi, Senior Officer Marine Investigation
1030 – 1045 1 Issues and challenges in the maritime industry UTA Shipping Cie

Mr. Selwyn Riumana

Franjti Shipping

Ms. Joy Ririmae

1045 – 1130 2 Ship safe manning & seafarer certification

              Navigation areas

              Minimum safe manning of ships

              Applying for Safe Manning Certificate

              Applying for dispensation

              Seafarer Certificate of Competency

              Recognition of foreign seafarers


Shipping Operations Team

1130 – 1145 3 Obligations & Offences SIMA

Legal Team

1145 – 1215 Discussion (Q&A) All
1215 – 1330 Lunch


Facilitated by Joseph Koavi, Senior Officer Marine Investigation
 1330 – 1345 4 Issues and challenges in the maritime industry Fairtrade Shipping

Mr. Kitchener Wheatley

Nofokava Shipping

Ms. Kathy Nori

1345 – 1415 5 Vessel Inspection & Surveys

            Schedule of inspections

              Deficiencies & detention


Vessel Inspection Team

1415 – 1500 Discussion (Group discussion) All
1500 –1530 Afternoon Tea
1530 – 1630 Group Presentation All
1630 – 1645 Responses & wrap-up from Director SIMA SIMA


1645 Closing


Friday 10 December 2021
0900 – 0930 Registration SIMA
Facilitated by Clifford Olisukulu, Principal Officer Safety of Navigation
0930 – 0950 6 Operation Safe Boat 2021

              Ship Stability principles and criteria

              Impact of ship overloading on stability

              Operation Safe Boat 2021: activities & areas of control


Vessel Inspection Team

0950 – 1005 7 Project on Border Security and Maritime Safety

              Project objectives

              Vessel Tracking equipment


Environment Protection & Safety Team

  1005 – 1020 Discussions (Q&A) All
  1020 – 1045 Morning Tea
Facilitated by Clifford Olisukulu, Principal Officer Safety of Navigation
1045 – 1100 8 Issues and challenges in the maritime industry Small Malaita Shipping

Mr. Simon Wame

 1100 – 1130 9 Pollution from Ships

              Recent cases of marine pollution incidents

              Implementation of the National Pollution Fund (POLFUND)

              Reducing GHG emissions from ships


Environment Protection & Safety Team

  1130 – 1200 Discussions (Q&A) All
1200 –1330 Lunch
1330 – 1530 Meeting for Women in Maritime

              Challenges and issues for Women in Maritime in Solomon Islands

              Revival of the Solomon Islands Women in Maritime Association

Facilitated by Director SIMA
1530 – 1600 Afternoon Tea & Closing