Second SIMA Workshop with Ship Operators and First Maritime Training Forum, 13-14 December 2022, Honiara

First Maritime Training Forum

Purpose & Objective

The purpose of the forum was to gather ship owners and operators, seafarers, schools, government officials, the Solomon Islands Maritime Authority and the Maritime Academy of the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) on the theme Where the Journey Begins in the maritime sector and discuss issues and opportunities for maritime training in Solomon Islands.

The objective was to raise the profile of the maritime sector and awareness on training opportunities and the future of the maritime industry.

Meeting Arrangements

Date: Tuesday 13 December 2022.

Location: Solomon Islands National University (SINU) Maritime Academy, Honiara.

Arrangements: face-to-face meeting.


Proceeding of the Forum


The Forum started with a parade of trainee seafarers from the Maritime Academy and by raising the Solomon Islands flag.

The facilitator and Master of Ceremony, SIMA Principal Officer Shipping Operations, Mrs. Cathy Talua Indu invited Bishop Takeli for a word of prayer and introduced the programme.

Thierry Nervale, Director SIMA delivered the welcome remarks on behalf of SIMA Board Chair followed by a keynote address from Dr. Eric Katovai on behalf of the SINU’s Vice Chancellor Academic.

The Director of the Maritime Academy, Dr. Teorae Kabure delivered a presentation on the theme Maritime: A word of Opportunities focusing on the seafarer journey from training at the Maritime Academy to gaining competencies and qualification working on board ships. Maritime training offers a wide range of opportunities including internationally.

Interactive Session

The first session was introduced by a presentation from the Maritime Academy’s Head of Department of Engineering, Simon Wame. He elaborated on curricula for marine engineers and the internationally recognised qualification that can be obtained.

This was followed by a presentation from SIMA’s Senior Officer Shipping Operations, Ms. Leeane Kivolyn on the Role of SIMA in Maritime Training emplasizing SIMA’s regulatory function and duties for the certification and assessment of seafarers. The presentations were followed with an interactive session of questions/answers from the guests.

The second session was moderated by Simon Wame who invited a panel comprising the Director of the Maritime Academy, the SIMA’s Manager of the Shipping Operations and Safety Department, Mr. Jonah Mitau, and the Chairperson of the Solomon Islands Maritime Transport Alliance (SIMTA), Selwyn Riumana. This interactive session focused on maritime needs and issues and how to address them.  Various questions were raised and suggestions proposed by ship owners, seafarers and school students.

The third session was moderated by SIMA’s Deputy Director, Agnes Gaote’e with a panel comprising Director SIMA, the Managing Director of Franjti Shipping, Joy Ririmae and Simon Wame on the theme Responding to the Need of Rapidly Evolving Maritime Industry. The discussion and questions were about the future of the maritime industry, the maritime skills for tomorrow and the need to dedicate resources for maritime training in Solomon Islands.

Second SIMA Workshop with Ship Operators

Purpose & Objective

The purpose of the workshop was to continuation of previous workshops and meetings to strengthen the dialogue between SIMA and ship owners/operators to address issues faced by the maritime industry in Solomon Islands. The objective was to take stock of progress on reforms and persistent challenges and issues faced by the maritime industry on the theme Bridging for a Maritime Future Together.

Meeting Arrangements

Dates: Wednesday 14 December 2022

Location: Heritage Park Hotel, Honiara.

Arrangements: Face-to-Face meeting.

Proceeding & discussion points


The event was opened with a word of prayer by the Deputy Chairperson of the Board of SIMA, Mr. John Hugo Bugoro. The Deputy Secretary Technical for Infrastructure Development, Mr. Allan Lilia, delivered the welcome address recalling the previous year’s workshop and reminding the outcomes and progress so far since the establishment of SIMA.

The keynote address was delivered by the President of SIMTA, Mr. Selwyn Riumana, highlighting development in agriculture, forestry, fisheries which require transportation and would suffer from dysfunctional shipping. The shipping industry is the lifeblood of Solomon Islands and plays a significant role in the development of the country.

Presentations and Interactive Session

The facilitator introduced each session which begun with the opening presentation from the Manager Shipping Operations and safety, Mr. Jonah Mitau on the status of SIMA establishment and operations, and its progresses on reforms and changes.

This was followed by a presentation on maritime employment and training, more specifically on seafarer certification, and the maritime industry’s employment needs.

The third presentation was on the maintenance and inspection of vessels, especially on the ship owner’s responsibilities and the need to progress management of safety on board domestic vessels.

The interactive session allowed participants to use Slido application to respond to questions on persistent issues and solutions.

 Groups during the interactive session.

Closing & Outcome

SIMA seized the opportunity of the closing of the events to convene a meeting of the SIMA’s Advisory Committee chaired by Ms. Joy Ririmae. The Committee reflected on both the Maritime Forum and the Workshop with Ship Operators to agree on outcomes and actions for submission to the Board of SIMA:

  1. Recalled that shipping is the life blood in Solomon Islands and the central role that Maritime academy is playing.
  2. Acknowledged that maritime training is a four (4) partner collaboration between SIMA, the Maritime Academy of SINU, the ship operators, and the seafarers, each of them having responsibilities to ensure competent seafarers operate Solomon Islands vessels.
  3. Recognized the need to dedicate resources like special fund and scholarships for maritime training as it is vital to support the Maritime Academy and our seafarers.
  4. Called for partnerships to be established between SIMA, SINU, domestic and international shipping companies, the Solomon Islands Government agencies to provide opportunities to seafarers.
  5. Acknowledged SIMA leading role in the maritime sector and its responsibilities in maritime training and requested to progress contract employment and hiring issues by certification of more seafarers
  6. Requested the Maritime Academy to look into the future of shipping and consider new training programs such as higher-level qualification of seafarers, Cadet Ship Programme, courses in catering and hospitality, maritime security and green marine technologies and operations
  7. Requested data available on seafarer training qualification and work history
  8. Requested to consider reducing the costs of marine equipment (tax exemption), slipways, and increase competition of suppliers
  9. Acknowledged survey requirements but requested flexibility for hull inspections, rectification of defects and availability of SIMA surveyors
  10. Acknowledged the need to go green in shipping but require immediate and dedicated support to invest in new skills, green and clean technologies, and ships.

Agenda of events

Presentations can be downloaded by clicking on the title of the presentation in the agenda. You can download the full report with details of discussion points. For more information, please contact Ms. Brenda Oeta, Principal Officer Vessel Inspection at


13 December 2022 – SINU Maritime Academy

Time Agenda Item Presenter
Tuesday 13 December 2022
0800 – 0830 Morning Parade Maritime Academy
0830 – 0900 Registration SIMA
Facilitated by Cathy Talua Indu Principal Officer, Shipping Operations.
0900 – 0905 Open Prayer Bishop Takeli
0905 – 0920 Introductions & Welcome Director SIMA
09200930 Keynote address Dean of School
0930 – 0945 1 Maritime: a world of opportunities

Presentation on a seafarer journey from the Maritime Academy to Sea

Director Maritime Academy
09451015 Group Photo & Morning Tea
SESSION 1 – Information Session
Facilitated by Cathy Talua Indu Principal Officer, Shipping Operations
1045 – 1100 2 Maritime Academy

Where the journey begins

Instructors Maritime Academy
11001115 3 The role of the Solomon Islands Maritime Authority (SIMA) SIMA
1115 – 1145 4 Interactive session


SESSION 2 Open Forum
Moderated by Simon Wame, Head of Department Maritime Academy
1145 – 1230 5 Panel Discussion: training and qualifications of seafarers

What are the current needs, the main issues and how to address them?

 Panel Members

·        Director Maritime Academy

·        President of SIMTA

·        SIMA Manager Shipping Operations and Safety

1230 – 1330 Lunch & Video Show by Maritime Academy
          SESSION 3 Open Forum (con’t)
Moderated by Agnes Goatee Deputy Director SIMA
1330 – 1430 6 Panel Discussion: responding to the need of rapidly evolving maritime industry.

What is the future of the maritime industry and the maritime skills for tomorrow

Panel Members

·        Director SIMA

·        Director FRANJTI Shipping

·        HoD Marine Engineering

1430 – 1530 Open discussion & closing Director Maritime Academy
1530 –1545 Afternoon Tea


14 December 2022 – Heritage Park Hotel

Time Agenda Item Presenter
Wednesday 14 December 2022
0830 – 0900 Registration SIMA
Facilitated by Brenda Oeta Principal Officer, Vessel Inspection
0900 – 0905 Introduction & Opening Prayer SIMA Deputy Chairperson
0905 – 0910 Welcome Remarks Deputy Secretary MID
0910 – 0920 Keynote address President SIMTA
0920 – 0940 1 Setting the Scene

Status of SIMA establishment & operations

Progress on reforms and changes

SIMA Manager Shipping Operations and Safety
0940 – 1015 Group Photo & Morning Tea
SESSION 1 – Challenges & Expectations
Facilitated by Brenda Oeta Principal Officer, Vessel Inspection
1015 – 1030 2 Maritime Employment & Training

Employment and training in the Shipping Act 1998 as amended

SIMA Principal Officer Shipping Operations
1030 – 1045 3 Vessel Maintenance and Inspection

The shipowner/operator responsibilities under applicable laws

Senior Officer, Vessel Inspection, SIMA-Ms Bethlyn Ete
1045 – 1130 Group discussion on agenda items 2 & 3 All
1130 – 1230 Group presentations and questions/answers All
1230 – 1400 Lunch
          SESSION 2 SIMA Advisory Committee Meeting

A Maritime Future Together

Chaired by Joy Isihanua Ririmae, Managing Director Franjti Shipping Co., Ltd
1400 – 1600 Special Meeting of the SIMA Advisory Committee

Committee Terms of Reference & Membership

Solomon Islands Maritime 2030-2050:

·        maritime skills for tomorrow

·        green ships standards

·        efficient domestic shipping

·        legal development

Open discussion and outcome

Committee Members
1600 – 1630 Closing remarks Deputy Director, SIMA
1630 – 1700 Afternoon Tea