Domestic Shipping Arrangements under COVID-19 restrictions

The Solomon Islands Government has established a process allowing domestic shipping arrangements under the Emergency Powers (COVID-19) (Honiara Emergency Zone) (Restriction of Movement of Vessels and Aircraft) Order 2022 restricting the movement of vessels from/to Honiara Emergency Zone.

This order has been amended by the Emergency Powers (COVID-19) (Honiara Emergency Zone) (Restriction of movement of vessels and aircrafts) (Amendment) Order 2022 (Legal Notice no. 106) to simplify the process of exempting domestic vessels. The descriptive of the exemption process can be found by clicking on this link.

Submissions from domestic ship owners and operators are received through SIMA for review and assessment and must concern a registered vessel holding a Vessel Safety Certificate complying with all rules and regulations under the applicable laws, and:

    1. providing for each of its crew members their health status,
    2. providing for each of its passenger’s their health status, and
    3. ensuring that all crew members and passengers are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, have their vaccination certificate and are tested negative to COVID-19 within 24 hours before departure.

The exemption is granted by the Chair of the National Disaster Council. Once issued, the Director SIMA gives the authorisation to the vessel to leave Honiara Port. An exemption is required for each voyage from Honiara Port.

To apply for an exemption, please fill the Exemption Request Template and submit it to SIMA at

The guidelines for passengers travelling by sea can be found  in clicking on this link