SIMASolomon Islands Maritime Authority

Vessel Inspection & Surveying

SIMSA undertakes for domestic vessels

  • Vessel Inspections: Life saving appliances, Fire fighting appliances, Pyrotechnics, Communications Facilities, Machineries…
  • Vessel Surveys are conducted:
    • At the time of the Vessel Registration – valid for 5 year
    • With yearly update of the Safety Survey Certificate
    • Survey check list: Ship Inspection Checklist
      • Radio/Electronic
      • Mechanical/Electrical
      • Equipment
      • Hull above water,
      • Mechanical Underwater survey
      • Hull Underwater survey,
      • Life saving & Fire fighting appliances

SIMSA undertakes on international vessels

  • Conduct Port State Control inspections (PSC): 
    International vessels should be inspected on arrival and should contact SIMSA.
    Form available at


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