SIMASolomon Islands Maritime Authority

Shipping Inspection (Boarding)

The following declarations are required for shipping (boarding) inspection  to be completed and submitted to SIMSA by the captain or person in charge of any vessel undertaking a domestic voyage within Solomon Islands providing carriage of passengers and cargois.

  • Departure declaration
    • Passenger Information (Passenger list should be provided)
    • Destinations
    • Cargo Information
    • Vessel crew details
  • Vessel manning declaration
    • ​Bridge/Deck department​
    • Engine room department
    • Deck rating/crew
  • Deck inspection declaration
    • ​Ships Safety Certificate & radio license
    • Fire fighting aplliances
    • Life saving appliances
  • ​Safety Survey Certificate (should be posted onboard at the bridge)

On arrival and departure, vessels are subject to inspection. Departure inspections are mandatory.

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